Camera Shy

My mum was shy. Super shy. Being in front of the camera was not one of her favourite past times I am sure. 

I wouldn't say I am a shy person, but the more I am behind the camera, the less I am starting to appear in our family photos. It makes sense I suppose. I am our families documentarian. I am the one taking our photos therefore not often in them. 

I really need this to change.

I don't want my kids to be left with a bunch of really awesome photos of themselves (no shameless plug intended) and no record of me being in their day to day. 

I don't think this is just a photographers problem either. I think its a mum problem. 

Think of all the excuses you make not to be in photos with your kids. "I don't like photos of myself, I need to lose 5kg, I need a haircut, I look old etc" At the end of the day none of these things matter. I know because they are my excuses too. In fact this is my actual list of excuses.....literally....and I could probably add a few more.

Although my mum hated being in front of the camera I am so glad she got in there with us. 

When she passed away, my sisters and I were teens. I never understood at the time, or in the few years after, how much photos would mean to my memory of her.

I have been meaning to do this project for awhile now but unless I say something out loud, it doesn't tend to happen. "Getting in the frame, once a month with my kids" starts today.

Shonagh suggested we do this as part of our blog to keep us committed so here I am kicking it off (you're next Shonagh haha!).

I would encourage all you mum's out there to do it too. Use a timer (iphone's have one too!) pass a camera to someone else, whatever it takes and get in the frame with your kids. They will be so glad you did.