What 5 minutes Playing in the Mud Kitchen Looks Like

This could also have been titled "My two little peeping Toms" but it didn't continue on with the theme I am trying to stick with. It's been awhile since I've done a "What 5 minutes looks like" blog. At the moment it feels like I only have five minutes at any given time so I thought it was fitting. What is it about the end of the year that seems like it enters some sort of lightspeed, just when you want time to slow down a bit?! I am in a bit of denial that this little guy is almost at the end of Year 1 and this little girl is going to be starting her kindy year next year.

So, Mud Kitchens......my kids love them. It is pretty much the only "toy" they spend any length of time playing with. The entertainment factor alone on these is one of the major reasons that I love them. This was my little girl's birthday present this year. Sounds kind of cruel but really, I think its the best present she has ever received.

Here is 5 minutes (out of about an hour) playing with/in/on their mud kitchen.