Take a moment not a picture

I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes people pick up their cameras or phones and take a picture. Sometimes it's a milestone, birthday, school dress up day, sports carnival or an outing to a pretty spot. I know I have all these types of photos and they are good to have but when I look at them I just view them as a record of how my kids looked at that age or a place we once visited or that event we had. So the other day when I looked over at the kids having breakfast, (Yes this is what was happening not that you can see them eating) something about the whole scene meant something to me. From their pajamas to the interaction with the dog and the disagreement they were having it was all very much how they are at the moment. The things we are going through, the fact that breakfast is often a slow and painful experience in our house. Although they aren't always the most beautiful images they often become some of my favourite ones.  

So I am issuing a challenge, next time you see one of these moments, the type of scene that shows who your kids are or tells a story of life as it is for you at this time, or a  moment in your life that showcases your child's personality, grab your camera/iphone and document it. I'm sure you will thank me later.