Just a moment. Everything takes just a moment right? Just a moment to floss your teeth, just a moment to make dinner from scratch instead of an instant meal, just a moment to do your stretches, just a moment to do a skin care routine. You can fit that in right? It only takes a moment. Trouble is, all these moments end up adding up to a fair chunk of time. We have so many "moments" we are meant to fit into our lives that there is starting to become less and less time to just be. Be still, observe, breathe, slow down. These are all words that are so lacking in my life right now...

When I started on my photography journey I started with a 365 to document my kids day to day. I didn't want to miss a thing. I continued this on to a 720 which at present I'm failing miserably due to too many "moments". I let the moments go by that are important to me and instead fill my life with all the "moments" that you are meant to do to be a "good" human being/mother/fill in the blank. I see these moments go by and I don't stop and take it in I just keep rushing on to the next thing. 

The other morning I sent my youngest boy to get dressed for school.  When I went to see if he'd actually done that I found him in this gorgeous patch of light. He called it the "warm place". We have had such cold mornings that any source of warmth is sought out. Usually I would have hurried him on with the morning routine, and maybe I should of, we were already late for school. Instead I grabbed my camera, because these are the moments I want to remember. Not that we were on time for school everyday, or that his hair was neatly brushed or his school shirt never had toothpaste spilt on the front. And yes that is what he looked like when we eventually did get to school, and yes we were late, but I wont remember any of that. Instead I'll have this moment, when he was so small and wanted to warm up on a cold winter morning.