Freelensing. A lesson in imperfection.

So I have finally given freelensing a try! I know I am pretty late to this but when I discovered my nifty fifty could no longer auto focus I decided to give it a go. This outing was my third attempt , my first with it outside. I had just put dinner in the oven so I had pretty limited time and almost no expectations that I'd get anything but i just really wanted to try it out. I grabbed the kids and walked over the road to have a play! I've got to say freelensing is hard! Trying to manually focus on children by tilting a lens which isn't attached to your camera is a challenge. I actually really enjoyed it though. It was a great way of allowing myself to let go of the technical side of photography and just be creative. My images are far from perfect but I think that's what I like about them. I will definitely being using it again and I'm sure it will get easier.