Four in a Frame

I've been thinking about this for a long time now. If you have been following along you would know we take a lot of pictures of our kids. As kids grow though, they become less enthusiastic about being in a picture. I have four kids. Two littles and two bigs. You would barely know that though if you saw my collection of images. I'm thinking that's gotta change! Getting an image of my older two is hard! Not the most willing of subjects. The thing is, I still want to remember them at these ages too! It doesn't get any less important for me to capture them at this stage. It's also super important for me to have images of them interacting with each other so that they can have those memories too. One of my favourite images from when I was a kid is me with my two sisters at the beach. I'm so glad I have it. 

I admit, the age gap makes it difficult, let alone the sheer number of them. They don't often want to do the same activities anymore or come on the same outings, but I'm committed. I'm putting this out there to make myself accountable. I don't think I can commit to getting them in the frame once a month but will definitely be aiming to get a four in one frame image of my kids and blogging it when I can. I would encourage anyone else to get images of their children all together. The interactions are so worth it. I would also encourage you to keep taking pictures of your big kids. Their stages are still there and they are important too. When you look back you will see it so much more.

In saying all this I will also say when it comes to my big kids I do have a couple of rules. I almost always ask permission to take their photo. I would like to say its always but, well, that's the photographer in me I guess. I always ask permission to put something up online and would never put anything up they weren't comfortable with.  That one is non negotiable. This way they are much more likely to trust me when I ask them if I can take their picture.

So here is my last image where I managed to get four in the frame. Stay tuned.