Capturing the little things

Have you ever put off taking a photo of your child doing something that happens everyday and then one day you realise they don't do that anymore. That moment has passed and now you have to rely on your memory. Personally my memory can’t be trusted. Sometimes when I look back on photos of my kids I catch myself thinking " oh yeah he use to do that" or “that’s right she loved that toy.” I'm only able to remember because I have an image to trigger the memory. For me it's so important to document all the little things my kids do because they change so fast and I don't want to forget. I want to be able to share with them stories of what they were like and what we did.

I took these photos of my son after I found him on the dogs bed. I had become aware things were quiet in the house and I didn't know where he'd gone. This is rare for a child who never leaves your side and often wants to be cuddled. I found him here with his replacement comforters, our lovely dogs. I started taking some photos and later when I loaded them onto the computer I knew I had captured a fleeting moment. The photos might not say anything to anyone else but for me I can see change is coming. Good and bad. My son will start kindy next year and he will need to find another source of comfort in my absence. My beloved labradors are getting old and I'm not sure how much longer they will be with us. These moments of seeing them like this will pass. I'm glad I have these pictures as a reminder of a time I don’t want to forget.