Living with a creative child

Some people are just born creative. Case in point, my daughter. I had a package arrive the other day, a pot in a box stuffed with brown paper to protect it. My daughter came home and saw all the packaging and what might seem like rubbish to most people she immediately saw a hat. She has been wearing this paper hat around the house as often as she can, sometimes it’s a hat sometimes it’s her dinosaur head. This gift for using rubbish as art I’ve seen her do many times, even from a very young age. One of our dogs had chewed up a cardboard box and before I could clean it up she had loving glued all the little pieces onto a piece of paper and was calling it her art work. I can’t tell you the amount of times Ive heard her say “ can we keep this (insert box, rubbish, bark , leaf , random object) I'm going to make something with it!" It isn’t even just about what she makes, it’s her way of being, from her aloofness to her disheveled appearance. And I love it! Sure it has it’s downfalls, we are drowning in her creations and arty people tend to be very messy. All about the creating and not the cleaning up afterwards. But life with her will never be boring.