Right of Passage

Let's talk parenting fails.  Teaching your child how to ride their bike is just as much a right of passage for the parent as for the child. Well this is one area of parenting where my husband and I haven't quite made the grade. I'm not quite sure exactly what stops us from giving our children ample practice and guidance to achieve this goal, maybe its our very busy street, busy lives, busy busy.....In any case, our elder two children were 10 and 8 before they learnt to ride with no trainer wheels. Sadly we can't lay any claim to it as it was their Aunt and Uncle who took matters into their own hands. 

So when our six year old asked if we would take the trainer wheels off his bike we thought, "hey, this is the moment to redeem ourselves!" The bike was his fourth birthday present and is really too small for him but this actually works in his favour when it comes to learning how to ride. So off we went. Not having had much practice at this I think my husband did an amazing job which just involved running alongside our six year old as he....... LEARNT HOW TO RIDE BY HIMSELF IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES! All by himself. Pretty much no help from us.

So I'm not sure if we can really check this off the parenting rights of passage just yet.  

Next up will be teaching our eldest to drive a car. Seriously. How has this happened? Her licence arrived in the mail today! I've been putting this one off as long as I can too. Maybe its time for Aunty and Uncle to pay us another visit. Short of that I'm sure my husband can just run alongside the car yelling encouragement.