So it's that time of year again where we scrutinise ourselves and set lofty goals that are far from achievable and think about all the things we need to do for self improvement and make lists, and lists and stare at them with big shiny excited eyes and imagine our successful, self improved selves.  Tell me I'm not alone here people?!

I struggle with this soooo much!

Have I set new goals? Yes.

Have I thought of about 83 ways of improving my life? Yes.

Have I made lists about said goals and life? Yes and yes.

Have I just made a list, right now, about my lists.......?

Can I just draw breathe for a second?

So let's take things back to that word again. Reflection. Sometimes I think I just need to put all that noise aside, take a long hard look in the mirror at the person staring straight back and say, I'm doing ok. Just as I am. In fact I'm doing great. And leave it at that.