Getting in the Frame

It's that time again, our once a month get in the frame.

One of my favourite books is "Peepo" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. I'm not sure if you are familiar with it. It was one of my favourite childhood books and one of my favourite to read to my own children. It has little round windows that you peek through to see what the baby in the story is seeing. The story also is beautiful, following a family in England through the war. Even reading it as an adult I found little clues in the pictures that I never picked up the meaning of as a child.

The book holds other special meanings for me, in that, it reminds me of my grandparents and what life looked like for them raising my mum, aunt and uncle. At the end of the book it talks about a mirror with a rainbow rim. Growing up and going to my nana's house, I always remember the mirror that hung in the hall. This same mirror now hangs in my youngest daughter's room. A little "peepo" into the past and into my memories.