Here goes...

There are two things in my son's life that he doesn't like to be without. His beloved "bumper" the comforter you can see pictured in this photo, and me. Today being his first day of kindy he has had to say goodbye to one of us for the day. Based on many previous experiences, this never goes well. I had prepared myself for the worst. And when I say the worst I want you to picture a child, face contorted as if they are being tortured, mouth agape but silent, silent for so long you would think, hey, its going to be ok, he's not going to.....and then the sound, the sound of a thousand razor blades slicing through your brain, his hands, clawing and grabbing at your legs. Sounds like something out of a horror film. Yep. Well you're getting close to my reality.

So the bell was rung for mat time, I hold my breathe. He looks up, his mouth opens.... 

"Is it time for you to go now?"

"Yes," I say. "Have a great day!"

"I, will." He says.

That's it.

No performance, no drama, my little boy is growing up.