Getting in the frame

So it's my turn to get in the frame this month and I admit I left it till the last minute. We usually blog on Wednesdays and I had just come home from after school swimming lessons and really wasn't feeling like trying to get in a photo. I'd had an idea awhile ago of getting a shot of my daughter and I playing a game she named "chub chub pop" which is where you blow up your cheeks and the other person has to pop them. Most of the time she is laughing so much she can't hold the air in her cheeks long enough for me to do this.  Even though it feels a bit set up when you take photos of yourself I do want images of the silly little things I do with my kids and there is generally no one else around to take them. Anyway I got some photos and loaded them up then quickly tried to edit them and just saw all the faults and decided not to do it. Actually I was going to just keep these photos to myself until my sister sent me a text asking if Iwas going to blog tonight? So here I go, just trying to get past the imperfections and focus on that cute little face and the fun we had that afternoon together.