Why I’m going to start taking a photo a day again


Let me take you back a couple of years to 2015. Tanya and I decided to do our very first 365.  That is, taking at least one photo a day everyday. We would take a photo during the day load it onto the computer, give it a quick edit then share it to our 365 group consisting of the two of us.

For the most part it was pretty enjoyable. I liked seeing Tanya's images from her day and had fun documenting my kids doing whatever they were up too. There was no real pressure so it was fun to experiment and try new techniques. Now I’m not going to lie and say it was easy or that I ended up getting an image every single day. There were definitely times when I just couldn’t get it done, there were also a lot of times I left it till the end of the day and was left taking photos of my kids eating dinner or having a bath. But for the majority of the year I tried to get my one photo.

Then 2016 rolled around and I thought hey why not try this again. I was super motivated. I started out so well, I loved seeing the date next to the photo and thinking, yes i haven't missed one yet! I can’t remember exactly when the wheels fell off but a few months in I was done! Nothing interesting was happening, I didn’t feel like taking photos, I was busy, my daughter was in school full time and I just kind of gave up. Sure I still took photos but the enthusiasm and excitement had gone. So this year I really had no intentions of starting up again until just recently talking with Tanya about how we've been shooting less and missing seeing each others pictures. I looked back through my 2015 photos and I see huge improvements through out that year. It pushes you to be more creative, try new angles or different takes on a boring subject because lets face it daily life isn’t all that exciting sometimes.

So I have started shooting daily again. Having my camera out and ready for something that catches my eye and being a bit more deliberate about getting a photo. Are they all winners, no but I am feeling much happier when I scroll through my pictures and see something I've captured that I wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't pushed myself to get a photo. I've realised how important photos are to me. I love creating, it gives me joy to capture an image load it up, edit it and see the end result. I had missed this. Tanya and I will be sharing some of our favourite images from this year on our website if you'd like to have a look and keep us accountable! Just go to the projects tab at the top of the website.