Getting in the Frame

"Oh man, has this rolled around to being my turn again already." 

Was the phrase that popped into my head when I saw it was my turn to post a get in the frame. Shonagh and I complain about this ev.ry.time! You think that by now we would be getting used to it, but honestly, it doesn't seem to get any easier.

As much as I am dragged kicking and screaming to get in front of the camera with my kids, after I do it, I also always have the same reaction. Gratitude.

I have captured memories of the little things that I do with my kids. I was here. I am in their story and I've documented it. I gave them leg swings in the pool, I was their guest judge on who could do the biggest bombie and then they laughed until they cried when I got splashed. They cried again, this time for being too cold, and I was there helping them get out of the pool and into their towels, SO FAST, so that they would get the minimum amount of wet body to cold air ratio possible.

Memories like this are so precious. So simple, but so precious. And for that reason, I'll see you again the next time!