Having a Ball!

Has anyone else had the experience of turning around and finding their baby has grown into an adult overnight? 

Well that's kind of the feeling I had when my eldest daughter stepped out for her school ball this past weekend. Everything that people tell you about how fast your babies grow up is true. 'Blink of an eye', 'savour every minute', 'happens so fast' and all that jazz. 

My daughter and her friends approached Shonagh and I to do some pre-ball photos and of course we said YES!

Note: Ayesha's version may vary slightly involving sad mother asking/insisting, "I'll do your photos right!" (absence of question mark here intentional).

Couple of months later and Shonagh and I had the time of our lives capturing this gorgeous group of friends before their big night. 

Happy Ball lovely people. We wish you all the best with your last year of high school. You should feel so very proud.