Getting in the Frame

Hey Mums, I want you to know I get it! I know its hard to get in photos with your kids. I am well aware of the reasons not to. I struggle so much too.

Case in point, these images. Here I am with my youngest on our latest camping trip. Straight out of bed, air mattress bed hair, which is waaaay worse than normal bedhair. I have no make up, no filters and have had no sleep!  I can see everything wrong with me.  And I'm not listing the stuff which is really bothering me because then you might see it too. Are you now thinking, "the hair isn't the worst of her concerns......what could it possibly be!" I know, I know. Hard to believe right?!

The reason I am sharing these images with you is this.  Although I struggle because I can see all the flaws in me, the image is about us, and that is what it's all about.

Get in the frame!