What is the best age to get photos of my baby?

Have you ever wanted to have a photography session of your gorgeous newborn baby but then one morning you wake up, rub your poor sleep deprived eyes, make yourself a double shot long mach 3/4 topped up cup of "oh please work your magic to make me less tired" coffee and say, "yep, I'm gonna do it, today's the day I'll book that newborn session!" You turn around and there, sitting in a high chair behind you, blinks back a six month old. Yeah, it happens.

Or maybe you just want to keep those first few early weeks to yourself. You don't want to have people over because you would rather spend any precious minutes between the feeds and nappy changes, staring at those perfectly curled baby toes, sweet chubby cheeks and tiny little fingers, rather than cleaning your house. You think to yourself, this place looks like my washing machine, rubbish bin, dishwasher and cupboards threw up and then spontaneously combusted. I can't possibly have a photographer in here. Or can you...?

Well, I am here to break it down for you.

I am asked this question all. the. time! What is the best age to have a photography session of my baby.

And the answer is ANY AGE! 

And that is the end of this blog. Thankyou.

Oh you want some more insights? Alrighty then. How about I list some common ages and stages of bubs and the reasons why they are a great age to have photos of. That way you can see why any age is really an awesome age for getting photos of your baby.



A classic newborn session is in the first 14 days of your baby's life. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, babies at this age are much more likely to be super sleepy and go into long deep sleeps. This makes it perfect for getting those photos of gorgeous sleepy babies curled in your arms, or on your bed etc. Secondly they are just so tiny! If this is a stage you want to remember, it doesn't last too long. There is something about a baby in those first couple of weeks of life that is like nothing else. The little faces they pull, the way their legs are still curled up like they were in your womb. The shock of hair that is all going to fall out and change colour. The way their tiny head fits perfectly in their dad's hands. Onesies! This stage is fleeting. If you want to capture this stage it is a good idea to book with a photographer before baby arrives to guarantee you can book a session within this time frame. 


1-3 months

During this stage your baby is much more alert. The downside to this is they are more easily startled if they are asleep, so getting sleepy images starts to get a bit more tricky. The upside is, they are much more alert! They will engage with you more, they will possibly have started smiling. They will be much more interested in you which can make for some gorgeous connections in your photos.

They will also have started to look a bit more like themselves. They will have lost that 'newborn' look. They will have filled out and stretched out (lost the curled up look) and have lost lots of their newborn reflexes.   


3-6 months

Smiles abound! By this age you can pretty much guarantee you are going to be getting some smiley pictures of your baby. They think just about anything is funny and I, for one, have no shame in making whatever type of noise I need to, to get that winning grin.

By this age they have also found their hands and feet which makes for some pretty cute milestone photos. And speaking of those hands and feet, they are just all manner of chubby adorableness and you will most definitely want some close ups of them.


6-9 months

By now you might have a bub that is sitting up and then towards the 8/9month end, crawling. For the non crawlers of this age bracket, this is a goldmine age. They are sitting but not yet moving. This makes for a very willing subject in that they can't escape you. By now they are very interactive, very curious, so lots of gorgeous eye contact with the camera and generally still happy to be held by you and interact with you. This is actually one of my favourite ages to capture. 

They will also have started well and truly eating by now, so some high chair feeding times make for some great images to look back on.


9-12 months

By now your little bubby will be looking quite like themselves. They most likely are crawling and getting into mischief but still just off that wilful toddler stage so are easily distracted and engaged with. This is a beautiful age to document as you know your baby so well by now and that connection is lovely to capture. The way they interact with you now is very different from when they were younger. The way they play with your hair as you hold them, touch your face, give you a hug. They may also have little habits and quirks you want to remember like their blankie they carry everywhere or a special toy. The way they pull a certain face or twist their hair in their fingers. This age is a lovely one to capture just before they embark on that next step of becoming a toddler.


So there are just a few reasons why it doesn't really matter what age you have a photography session for your baby. Anytime in their first year is filled with so many milestones and memories, it really just depends on which ones you want to capture.