Slow down. Using slow shutter speed to add interest to your photos.

So last week I talked about how much I love golden hour. This is the type of light that really inspires me and I love shooting in. So what happens in winter when you get cloudy dull light. Well to keep things interesting I like to use other techniques such as slow shutter speed.

By leaving the shutter open longer you can create some cool motion blur. How fast your subject is moving determines how slow your shutter will need to be to create blur. For my kids I usually try 1/25 of a sec. A faster moving object such as a car will blur at a faster shutter speed than that so it is a little experimental to get the right amount of blur that you like.

Because the shutter is slow you need to try and hold the camera very still or you will introduce camera shake into the whole image.

I like using this technique to show the different mood or energy levels of my kids. The photo below shows my daughter looking bored (and still) as my son runs down the sand mound. Because he was moving I was able to blur him a bit and show movement.


It's best if you can focus on something in your image that will remain still. Take the photo below for example. I was able to to focus on the no stopping text on the road and keep really still so that the only thing moving in the image is my son.


So there you have it, go out and experiment! It looks like there will be plently of opportunity over the next few days for cloudy weather. May as well make the most of it!