Why you can still have your family photos at the beach in winter

Even though it's freezing outside if the beach is a favourite place for your family to spend time don’t let the weather stop you from having a family photo session! Winter at the beach can actually have its benefits for your photos.

There is something about being rugged up in beanies, jackets and blankets. They provide some great textures for your images and beacuse it's cold you may even get your kids to cuddle you!

While you might not find the cold and the beach combo that appealing, chances are you kids will love it! They tend not to let the cold get to them too much and will be happy for the outing instead of being stuck indoors.

Because most other sensible people are staying warm indoors you can sometimes get the beach to yourself! Imagine the photo opportunities you would have if you didn't have to avoid the crowds!

Winter light is particularly beautiful. It's softer and has a lovely warm tone, which makes for stunning photos. Due to the sun's low angle it also helps prolong golden hour.

In winter you can also happen upon some dramatic stormy skies which can help create powerful and interesting images.

Lastly lets be honest, we live in Perth and half the time you wouldn’t even know it’s winter anyway!

So have I convinced you yet?  What are you waiting for!