What 5 Minutes Getting in the Car Looks Like

You wont find one image here of anyone getting in a car. Why you ask? Because heaven forbid we actually get in the car when I want to leave the house! No. We went to get in the car to go to the shops, but the car stinks! Bad. I have cleaned it out, checked under the seats, hosed it down and I still can't find the source of the stink. Which disturbs me no end. Anyhoo, when I said we were going to the shops she promptly got herself dressed. Well done her, then announced she was going to go and pick lavender from the neighbours house next door. Of course you are! Because go and get in the car sounds exactly like, go pick flowers. Off you pop then. In fairness she wanted to make the car smell nice. I didn't think this was such a bad idea and so allowed it (am I convincing anyone that it matters whether I allowed it or not? Because I totally did!).

It wasn't until she turned around that I noticed the balloon in her mouth. She needed her hands obviously. Interest in picking lavender lasted about two minutes and then the balloon took over. Its her latest challenge to herself to learn how to blow up a balloon. She is finding it pretty hard but also hilarious. Which is how she seems to tackle all of life's challenges. A pretty good personality trait really.