What to photograph when you are stuck inside

It's no secret I struggle with winter. Partly I blame my poor circulation for not wanting to head outside. It never use to bother me as a kid but now I am finding it harder and harder to go out when it's cold. Which leads me to this problem. I am someone who is very much drawn to the outdoors. It is a great source of inspiration for me and my photography. So when I'm indoors a lot it can be harder to find things to photograph and keep myself inspired.

So what can you photograph in the winter months when you are home All. The. Time!

Here is what I have come up with.

My kids love to create so capturing them doing this is usually pretty easy. The bonus is they are nice and still for once so it gives me time to change angles and get some variety on a similar subject.

Kids are great at creating their own fun so when they get bored enough they usually come up with fun ways to amuse themselves and this generally provides me with something entertaining to photograph!

Sometimes just capturing them playing with their toys can be fun. It's also kind of cool to look back on and see some of their old favourites that have since been forgotten.

Using window light and moving in closer to photograph the details such as hands and feet can be really effective.

If there's one thing this weather is good for it's lounging around. So why not take some photos of that too.

Lastly when you see your daughter singing to your dog, that calls for a photograph too.

So really being indoors actually has lots of photo opportunities, you just need to embrace the mundane and see what you can come up with.