Why I Love In-Home Family Sessions

For me, the majority of my favourite images of my own family, have been taken in our home. When I go to choose images that I want to display on my walls these are the types of images I go to first. I want the images that capture the essence of my kids and my family. I want the images that capture their quirks, the things that at one time filled their days and was all they talked about or did that are now suddenly no longer.  I want images that speak to me and tell a story. Their story. Our story. I think the reason for this is that so much of our life and memories are made here in our home. It sounds so obvious when I say it, we spend most of our time in our own homes (more so if you have little kids) so it makes sense that most of life happens here. Although when you think of having a photography session of your family, for most people, having it at your house isn't really high on the list of locations you would choose. 

There are so many reasons for this, including but not limited to, my house is too messy, my house is too dark, we don't do anything, we aren't very interesting, how could you make us look good, how would I display the photos?

These are all good and valid reasons and I will address these types of questions in future blog posts so stay tuned if you are still on the fence about this type of session. In this particular blog post however, I am just going to share the reasons why I love this type of photography so much and how it can add so much value to you and your family's story.

Having a photography session in your own home tells a unique story. In particular, your own story. The rooms, the surrounds, everything adds to the image in a way that will speak to you and your memories for years to come. Kid's special toys, their bedrooms, that old chair, backyard swings, it all has meaning and a place in your images.

It might be the first home you bought together, the first home you brought your baby back to. It will add layers to your memory in a way that only knowing a place can. A place where life has happened, moments with meaning have been shared. A piece of your families story is told in your own home. It is worth telling and it is worth capturing.

Your life is unfolding everyday, seemingly mundane and ordinary.  Over time though, you will find these are the moments your mind will wander to, these are the moments you will want to remember.  Having these memories captured in your own home only makes that memory stronger. You remember the feel of the scratchy fabric on your parents retro couch or the smell of the frangipani tree in your backyard. When these elements are included in a photograph the memory of that time is stronger, more tangible. Its as if you are right back there in that moment. You don't just see the moment, you can almost feel it, because it contains so many elements for you to remember.


These are just a few of the reasons why I love using your own home for a family session. They aren't just something I have pulled out of a hat but are reasons that I have found to be true for myself and documenting my own family's lives. Your home is important.