Now We're Ready for You 2018

Well we are almost half way through January and I am only just feeling like I am ready to embrace the New Year.  Denial? Maybe.

The fact that a new year means my youngest starts full time school, my eldest starts university and I can't quite get my head around how years can seem to actually pick up speed the more you get under your belt. I have just kind of ignored the fact that we have started 2018 entirely.  Which so far has worked very nicely.

So let's get up to speed.

I did choose a word for our family this year. Which kind of seems like the thing to do at the mo. Our word is kindness. Partly because I think its a word that needs to be bandied around a lot more than ever these days. Partly because I hope if I just keep speaking it over my kids, by some miracle they will start to think before speaking/acting/moving etc in any way other than a kind one (insert eye roll emoji and praying hands emoji)

Resolutions........I'll keep you posted.

Anyhoo, we have been enjoying our Summer holidays in the usual way, lots and lots of outdoor time. Here is some of the fun Shonagh and I have been up to with our families.

We hope you are all enjoying the break from routine as much as we are.