We are sisters who grew up in a home where art wasn’t just encouraged, it was celebrated. With a mum who was an artist, art became so entwined in our normal lives that we can’t help but see it everywhere now. As photographers, we take all that is unique about your family to make art pieces of your everyday.

We don’t just want to record what your family looks like. Anyone can take a snap shot. We want to capture all the small details of your family life. Between the two of us, we have six children ranging from kindergarteners to teens,  so we’ve seen it all. When it comes to your own children, hair is often messy, faces dirty, hands will want to be held, hugs are often, smiles and laughter come as quickly as the frowns and tears and you will want to capture it all because childhood is fleeting.

With two photographers, we can offer two unique perspectives and can also deliver more attention and care when tailoring a session to your specific needs. If you would like to get more of a feel for our work, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram or browse through our sessions and then contact us. We would love to connect.

Tanya and Shonagh.